Where can I buy Courts and Hackett rings? Do you have a shop?

Our rings can be purchased directly from Courts and Hackett through the ‘Buy’ pages.

Are your rings made of solid silver? What is the blackened finish?

Our rings are crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with a British hallmark. They have a traditional blackened finish which is the result of oxidizing.

Does the silver tarnish? How should I clean it? Do you have a re-oxidizing service?

Any unwanted tarnishing can be brightened up with an ordinary silver polishing cloth.
We do not offer a re-oxidizing or re-finishing service.

Is the Death Head Ring available in bright polished silver instead of matt / dark finish?

Our Death Head Ring is not available in bright polished silver. The oxidized dark finish enhances the detail and gives the ring its unique character. In time the high points will lighten leaving the nose and eye sockets black.

Is the Deaths Head Skull Ring available in gold?

No , it is not available in other materials.

Is the Reptile Ring available in gold or platinum?

No, it is not available in other materials.

What is the best way to measure my ring size?

Fingers can swell or shrink according to temperature.
We recommend your finger size is professionally measured using the size references we work to listed in the The Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart. It is important to use this chart as ring size charts and ring sizing devices vary from country to country. Do not try to measure your finger using print out sizing tools.

How big is the Deaths Head Skull Ring?

The Deaths Head Skull Ring is a large ring. The average size of the face is 23mm wide x 27mm high tapering at the back to 8mm - 9 mm. Sizing should allow for an extra wide band.

How big are the Reptile Rings?

The Reptile Ring is up to 12.5 mm wide all round. Sizing should allow for a wide band.

Which ring size chart do you use? Which ring sizes are available?

Ring size charts and ring sizing devices vary from one country to another. The ring conversion chart we work to can be downloaded from our website. *Refer The Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart.

We work with the following ring sizes* :
UK Sizes from K½ to Z+4 Extra large UK sizes up to Z+6
US Sizes from 5 ⅜ to 14 ½ Extra large US sizes up to 15 ½
  NOTE: Extra large sizes incur an additional charge.

Can I visit your workshop to have my finger sized?

Our workshop is not open to the public. We do not offer a sizing service.

Do you produce smaller rings for women?

We do not produce dedicated women’s size rings but the smaller sizes are worn by women.

What are the markings on the inside of the ring?

The markings on the inside band of the ring are British Hallmarks. The hallmark confirms the origin, quality of material and age. British Hallmarks are an internationally recognized standard.

Can my ring be engraved with a personal message or set with precious stones?

We do not customize our rings. A professional jeweller may offer this service.

How much are your rings? How do I pay? Do I need a Paypal Account?
Can I pay by debit / credit card over the phone?

The price of our rings varies depending on the country to which they are despatched. The cost of shipping, insurance, import duties and taxes are included. Payment is by debit / credit card via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account. Details can be found on the 'Buy' pages of our website.
Payment by phone is not available.

Do you offer trade discount?

We are unable to offer trade discount. There is a small reduction in the shipping cost for purchase of more than one ring despatched together to the same address.
For details contact with your delivery address and ring sizes. Payment for more than one ring is by bank transfer.

To which countries do you ship your rings?

We only ship to the countries on our ‘Country' selection menu.

How long after payment will my order be delivered?

Once your order is received, despatch is normally within 30 days from the date of your payment. For deliveries outside the UK we use FedEx International Priority courier service. Inside the UK we use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed next day. A delivery tracking number is sent to you. When the parcel is delivered, a signature is required as proof of receipt.
NOTE: When placing your order, please include your phone number in case there are delivery problems.

How will I know the date and time of delivery?

When your ring is despatched a tracking number is emailed to you.

Can my order be delivered to a different address from my registered credit/debit card address?
Can my ring be delivered to a temporary address e.g. to a post office?

The delivery address must be in English text and match the credit / debit card holder’s address. Our couriers are unable to deliver to a P.O. address. All deliveries require a signature as proof of delivery.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order providing it is within 7 working days from the date your order is placed.

Can I return my ring for a resize or replacement if I have ordered the wrong size?

Each ring is individually made to the size you order and we cannot take responsibility for incorrect ring sizes.
If you have ordered the wrong size ring we are unable to offer a replacement. Refer to ‘TERMS AND CONDITIONS’.

Can you re-size my ring if my finger has changed size since I first bought it?

Whilst we recognize that hands can change shape, unfortunately we are unable to offer a re-size service. A professional jeweller may be able to help you.

Will you replace my ring if it is not the size I ordered?