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LOVE this ring...., I had been wanting one of these rings for a long time, So I decided to buy one. With much excitement I went to my jeweler in town and got fitted for a wide ring. Rushed home and ordered the ring... Now the hard part came, and that was waiting for it, they take about three weeks to be made. The ring came two days ago, and my gosh what a piece of pure art work! The ring is stunning. big and heavy, be ready to put this in your will, because it will last 100 plus years. I find myself just staring at it, it's cool... Ok, I am a pro bull rider from Texas, and I am not taking it off wile competing even! I am going to be competing in Las Vegas this week, and I will have some pictures to post of the ring wile on a bad ass bull... I just had to get this review out there now, but check back for it's pictures... Tom

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