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I wanted a silver skull ring, although there are some great skull ring designers, I decided on the Courts and Hackett Keith Richards Deaths head ring(based on the conversations at moronosphere.com. The process of purchasing was smooth. Just a bit of advice. C&H are clear when ordering to get a professional jeweler in sizing (wide-band) your ring. A good professional jeweler won't charge for sizing. I had my jeweler watch me pull off and on 3 wide bands till he surmised by the effort it took to get off my finger the right size. On the ring. The deaths head ring is stunning, a nonpareil rendering of the cranial, nasal and maxilla bones. Also the ring is true to the upper set of teeth (ten) but the design is unique to create the illusion of lower mandibles. Finally the inner band has a 925 silver stamp and both makers mark. Sincerely the Deaths head ring has a mysterious hypnotic quality, a masterpiece. Thank you.

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